Matías Calderón Bourband

Product Manager

For the last 10 years, I've been a part of teams creating digital products for companies, advertising agencies, brands, and government institutions. In the Events field, I've led production teams working with interactive photography, delivering entertainment experiences for events spanning a couple hundred attendees to the tens of thousands.

I’m a teamwork-oriented person, I believe that anyone in a production role can only lead by example, striving to be the best team player, trusting his peers and encouraging a teamwork culture, with the goal of bringing top quality service to the client.

I’ve worked and collaborated with companies, brands and institutions in several industries such as healthcare, media, food, agricultural, construction, retail, automotive, fashion, government, banking, travel, sports, NGO's, education and more.

Currently, I'm working in Product and Business Development at Moka. I'm also a co-founder and creative director at La Fotoneta. Previously, I was part of software factory 4r Soluciones as a Project Manager. Before that, I co-founded guionmedio, a web design agency where I worked as designer and PM for 6 years before founding La Fotoneta.

You can reach out to me in any of the socials down here, or just shoot a plain old e-mail.