Who is @matias?

January 11th, 2013

I was born in Paraná, Argentina, on a sunny March 4 of 1987, at around 8am. That’s something like 12265 days 9 hours 20 minutes 56 seconds, living on this planet.

I love design, basketball, music and movies. I work as PM and Designer at guionmedio, a small agency I co-founded 4 years ago, focused on doing nice and usable web stuff that works.

I decided to study International Affairs instead of design or advertising because I think it is a great career that allows me to open my mind, think the world beyond the news of the day, so I can try to understand how the world changes and how we are involved in that change. I love to think solutions to local problems from a global perspective, and solutions to global problems from a local perspective. I’m writing a thesis about Paradiplomacy and City Marketing, studying how cities (with a focus on mine, Paraná) can take advantage of these alternatives to act at a global level and promote local development at the same time.

So my job today and my “academic life” connect on several points. I firmly believe that we can design better cities, in every sense. Paul Rand said once “Design is everything… Everything is Design” and that’s one of my favorite quotes ever. I believe in good design practices and its power to effect positive change on the way we manage our lives, projects, cities and whatever we do.

I’m a big technology fan, amazed by the opportunities that tech innovation shows us every day. I think we’re living on a great time to do our work. I’m passionate about researching new ways to connect brands with consumers.

I’m a teamwork-oriented person, something I’ve learned since I was a child playing sports, and especially for the past 4 years working on my agency alongside people with different skills that complement mine in several projects for clients from multiple industries.

My belief is that someone in the role of a Project Manager or a Designer can only lead by example, being the best team player, trusting his peers and encouraging a teamwork culture, with the goal of bringing top quality service to the client.

You can follow me on Twitter, I’m @matias. I’m on Dribbble too.