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I was born in Paraná, Argentina, on a sunny March 4 of 1987, at around 8am. I love design, basketball, music and movies. I’m a Project Manager and designer from Argentina, working at guionmedio, a small agency I co-founded 4 years ago, focused on doing nice and usable web stuff that works.

I decided to study International Affairs instead of design or advertising because I think it is a great career that allows me to open my mind, think the world beyond the news of the day, so I can try to understand how the world changes and how we are involved in that change. I love to think solutions to local problems from a global perspective, and solutions to global problems from a local perspective. I’m writing a thesis about Paradiplomacy and City Marketing, studying how cities (with a focus on mine, Paraná) can take advantage of these alternatives to act at a global level and promote local development at the same time.

So my job today and my "academic life" connect on several points. I firmly believe that we can design better cities, in every sense. Paul Rand said once “Design is everything... Everything is Design” and that’s one of my favorite quotes ever. I believe in good design practices and its power to effect positive change on the way we manage our lives, projects, and cities.

I’m a big technology fan, amazed by the opportunities that tech innovation shows us every day. I think we're living on a great time to do our work. I'm passionate about researching new ways to connect brands with consumers and constantly studying our business.

I’m a teamwork-oriented person, something I’ve learned since I was a child playing sports, and especially for the past 4 years working on my agency alongside people with different skills that complement mine in several projects for clients from multiple industries.

My belief is that someone in the role of a Project Manager or a Designer can only lead by example, being the best team player, trusting his peers and encouraging a teamwork culture, with the goal of bringing top quality service to the client.

When I'm not working, I play basketball, run in the beautiful waterfront of my town, watch a lot of movies, read books and cook tasty food.

I love to participate and collaborate on non-profit actions and events. I co-organize Santa Fe Valley, a series of events, conferences and meetups seeking to unite and boost the community of web entrepreneurs of the region of Santa Fe province. Santa Fe Valley is the Santa Fe chapter of Palermo Valley.

In on May 7, 2011, I co-organized BarCamp Litoral, the biggest BarCamp event till date in the American continent, in the city of Santa Fe, with 1834 people in attendance. I love to be a part of BarCamps, enjoying good times with friends and colleagues, sharing knowledge and experiences.

You can follow me on Twitter, I'm @matias. I'm on Dribbble too so you can check some of my ongoing works.




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